Do-In basic course

In the first level at Do-In Academy you’ll build a solid foundation. We will focus on applying the wisdom from eastern medicine in your daily life.

Important themes that will be covered are:

  • the pathways of the different meridians
  • the working of the meridians
  • the dynamics and interaction between the energy vessels
  • Do-In exercises
  • self-shiatsu
  • Tao-basics
  • five elements nutrition

This first level is interesting for everyone. You can subscribe just for yourself, to be more aware of your own energy and maintain your energy. But the teaching material is also suitable for professionals who would like to involve the oriental medicine in their approach. And of course for yoga teachers who would like to understand the working of the meridians and use this knowledge in their classes.

As soon as you are able to find and feel the pathway of the meridians, you will also feel which exercises can support this particular energy flow.

Additionally, we treat important concepts of eastern medicine, such as:

  • what is qi?
  • what is a meridiaan?
  • what are yin and yang?
  • what are the five elements?
  • what is the chinese clock?

Study material

While studying the theory, we follow the content of Do-In, tao yoga for health and energy, written by founder of Do-In Academy, Lilian Kluivers. 

Also you will also receive a syllabus, audio classes and video classes.


The first level is, in the first place, a level that you attend for yourself. You’ll learn a whole lot about oriental medicine and how you’ll learn to work with this in your daily life. We ask you to practice Do-In in a regular basis. Also we ask you to hand in assignments. These are intended to help you internalize the knowledge. You’ll receive feedback from your instructor. A bundling collection of these assignments plus a short test will be the exam for your first year. The result will provide you with some guidelines of subjects you might need to work on.


The estimated amount of hours spend on a complete first level at Do-In Academy is 133.


Lilian Kluivers

Starting Date

Individual training trajectories, we can start any time.

For group courses, please contact us. 

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