Do-In Academy

Would you like to integrate the wisdom of eastern medicine and daoism into your daily life? And possibly even share it with others? The Do-In Academy offers a variety of grades and continuing education in order to experience and learn this yourself and than share this ancient knowledge with others.

About Do-In

Do-In is an art of movement that has it's origins about 2000 years ago within Taoism, Chinese and Japanese medicine.

Do-In combines:

  • stretches (meridianstretching)
  • selfshiatsu
  • meditation
  • energy strengthening exercises

Both physically and mentally you will notice the relaxing and strengthening qualities of the exercises.

For the rest of your life

The Do-In Academy transfers the ideas from Chinese and Japanese medicine and Tao-yoga.  We added an important subject to our study material: nutrition. What would be the use of strengthening certain bodyparts, or our mental or spiritual being, all the while possibly preparing meals that counteract this healing process? 

During the three grades at Do-In Academy you'll therefore focus on:

  • movement
  • meditation
  • selftreatment
  • nutrition

These aspects of eastern medicine are the easiest to apply to daily life, and this is most important. It helps you to balance your ki, your life energy, every day. Eastern medicine has indeed been developed to be used pre-emptively. Therefore, at the Do-In Academy you'll also learn in the first level to use this system preemptively. In the second level it is possible to learn to become a teacher. In the last level you'll learn to diagnose, so that you can use Do-In wisely in case of illnesses or injuries.

Home study

For students living outside the Netherlands, we offer a home study programme with intensive digital guidance. When you choose for our home study option you'll receive a syllabus and a reading list. You’ll also receive Do-In audio lessons for selfpractice and links to video classes.

In each level you'll make appointments for a skype call  or e-mail discussion with your instructor. These are intended to answer your questions and discuss the theory in the syllabus and book. Each chapter of the syllabus contains a list of questions that help you to internalize the theory. You’ll receive feedback on your answers. You’re also expected to practice Do-In on a daily basis and post the effects you notice of the exercises.

In the second and third levels, where you learn to become a teacher and work on diagnosing others, we ask you to film short classes so we can help you to enhance your skills as a teacher.


During the education you’ll receive as much personal and educational guidance as you need through e-mail or skype.


The full education consists of three levels. After each level you will receive a certificate. 

Others about Do-In Academy

"Lilians enthousiasm is really catching, both on the field of Do-In as well as for example on nutrition and other information she shares about living according to the five elements. Wow, what a difference! No longing for sweets, no muscle pain, no stiffness after working on the pc, a happy hara, no cold feet. I feel really fit and stable."

"Lilian's gift is to explain eastern medicine very clearly. I've learned so much more than I expected to, about Do-In exercises, meridians, elements, nutrition and the relations between these subjects."- Lia Kramer