Do-In and the extraordinary vessels

At this third level you’ll get an even deeper understanding of the meridians. You’ll learn how to work with the eight extraordinary vessels. The character of these vessels is deeply spiritual, they are the connection between our daily lives and our destiny, the Tao. When the qi flows freely through these vessels, we are the best version of ourselves, accepting that the current situation is an opportunity to learn and grow. 

You will also learn several diagnostic tools, like facial diagnosis, diagnosis of posture, tongue diagnosis.  

We will focus on:

  • diagnosis
  • healing the eight extraordinary vessels in ourselves and others
  • the most powerful acupressure points on the curious vessels
  • teaching groups
  • teaching private classes

You will be able to use the methods for diagnosis in groups as well as private classes or therapy.

The curious vessels

During the year you will have at least five skype appointments with your teacher. During every appointment we will discuss a chapter of the syllabus. We will also talk about your personal development regarding Do-In.

Every chapter in the syllabus of level three focusses on one of the curious vessels.

You will learn:

  • the pathway of this vessel
  • the working of this vessel
  • experiencing and sharing the most important acupressure points
  • self shiatsu
  • basic-shiatsu
  • experiencing and sharing Do-In exercises
  • experiencing and sharing visualizations and meditations

We ask you to practice Do-In at home on a daily basis. Level 3 includes a set of audio and video classes to help you with this. We also ask you to hand in assignments, plans of do-in classes, and an evaluation of your classes. We ask you to send us video classes so we can help you develop yourself as a teacher with our feedback.

Study material

You will receive an extensive syllabus and a list with recommended books.

In addition you will receive audio classes and video classes.


During the level you will be in close contact with your teacher. You’ll receive feedback on your assignments, classes, plans and evaluations.

Your portfolio together with a test will be the examination for this level.

The portfolio consists of:

  • your assignments including feedback
  • a personal report about your development during this level
  • a description of your purposes at Do-In Academy
  • evaluations of at least 15 diagnoses with matching exercises
  • a description of your style as a teacher, coach or therapist
  • a short essay (5 pages) exploring a theme of Do-In that interests you.

The test will be about subjects taught in the syllabus, or about recommended literature. You’ll pass when you get at least 55 out of 100 points


The estimated amount of hours spend on a complete second level at Do-In Academy is 133. (Teaching hours not included).


Lilian Kluivers

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