Do-In teacher training

The second level is all about deepening the theoretical foundation we worked on in the first level. We also focus on your development as a teacher.

Subjects are: :

  • Meridians: theory and basic diagnose
  • Working with the Five Elements
  • Didacs: how to explain an exercise?
  • How to compose a lesson: when which exercise?
  • Adapting to injuries
  • History of Do-In

Moreover you’ll learn a lot more exercises and acupressure points. You’ll learn to combine these in a wise way and to share your exercises with every body regardless of age and experience.

The assignments will stimulate your insights on Do-In and broaden your awareness of your own body and that of others. After this level you will be able to share Do-In in a powerful and accessible way with a group of people.

The different themes

During this level you’ll have skype appointments with your instructor to talk about theory, and your development in Do-In Academy.

The themes of this second level are similar to the first level. Only now we go even deeper into the theory.

The different themes are:

  • the element of Metal
  • The element of Water
  • The element of Wood
  • The element of Fire (the royal fire)
  • The element of Fire (ministrial fire)
  • The element of Earth
  • Conception vessel and Governing vessel
  • Teaching according to the Five Elements
  • Teaching according to the Chinese Clock

You’ll learn to combine exercises taking the dynamics of the energy into account.

In this level we ask you to hand in lesson plans regularly. Also We also ask you to practice teaching. This can be really simple, and you can practice by just teaching some friends weekly. To help you develop as a teacher we ask you to send videos of short lessons that you have taught.

Study material

You’ll receive an extensive syllabus and a list with recommended books and DVD’s. Also you'll receive audio classes and video classes.

Experience in Eastern Medicine

If you have studied eastern medicine and Do-In was a part of your studies, you might skip the first year and start with our second level immediately. Please inquire about the possibilities.


During this level we ask you to work on assignments regularly. These are intended to integrate all the knowledge about the meridians and exercises. You’ll receive feedback from your instructor. We will also discuss your progress on a regular basis. You’ll receive feedback on the video classes you send and the plans for lessons you hand in. All of this is to help you to be a confident teacher.

Your portfolio plus a test will be the examination for this level.

The portfolio consists of:

  • plans and evaluations of at least 20 Do-In classes that you taught
  • a description of your style as a teacher
  • a short article (5 pages) exploring a Do-In theme that interests you.

The test will be about topics taught in the syllabus, or about recommended literature. You’ll pass when you get at least 55 out of 100 points.

Study costs

The costs for each level is 1075 (payment preferably made at once). If you prefer to pay in two terms installments you will pay €550 twice.

The prices include intake, syllabus, appointments with the instrutor and examination.

You’ll always have an interview before your registration is final.


The estimated amount of hours spend on a complete second level at Do-In Academy is 133. (Teaching hours not included).


Lilian Kluivers

Starting date

You can start any moment. We guide individual courses. 

For intensive training weeks please contact us. 

Online application form

For individual courses you are welcome to register at any time. Please fill in our online application form