About us

The Do-In Academy was founded by Lilian Kluivers. She has a unique and highly appreciated style of Do-In, responding to meridians, seasons, moon cycle, etc. She teaches the oldest known exercises, and combines them with more recent developed Do-In exercises.


Lilian (1983) has a lot of experience teaching Do-In. She has studied shiatsu therapy (Kawada sensei, Ohashi) and Do-In (Kawada sensei). Before she founded the Do-In Academy she taught at different teacher training schools. With the Do-In Academy she aims to transfer the richness of Do-In in its completeness and to make the wisdom of oriental medicine accessible.

Before she started studying Do-In she finished her studies at Leiden University. She also worked as a journalist. In these years she gained a lot of experience with yoga.

Lilian is the author of several books:

Do-In, tao yoga for health and energy $15,95 

DVD with two Do-In classes and a guided meditation available as digital download €7,95

Zwanger in Balans, Do-In yoga (2014, Altamira-Becht) (for now only published in The Netherlands and Belgium)

"Happiness is a simple state of energy balance. I'd love to contribute to your happiness by passing through Do-In."

Angelina Deck is teacher at Do-In Academy.

Angelina (1979): When I was little, it seemed natural for me to relax in difficult stretch positions. Though not knowing of the existence of for example yoga, my body moved with ease into difficult “knots” - at least that’s how it looked like for the outside eye.

The need to move and by doing so to develop myself was always very important for me. It's like learning to tune in to the universal language or resonance which helps you to stay authentic no matter in which country the flow of life brings you. Through Russia and Germany I finally came to the Netherlands to study dance.

Through this profession and numerous performances my body gained sensitivity and consciousness which allowed me to perceive almost on the cellular level.

I find it quite fascinating that the subtle energy has been mapped by the Chinese medicine. This ancient (meridian) knowledge is in theory accessible. The challenge for me is to internalize it, so this wisdom can circulate in all existence by strengthening the unity in its transparency.

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