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(EN) Fundamentals 2: Do-In & the Main Meridians

The group sessions take place on Wednesdays from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm Dutch time.

September 15
September 29
October 13
November 10
November 24

When you register for both basic courses at once, you will receive a € 55 discount on the total amount.


(NL) Onl. Basis 2: Do-In & Hoofdmeridianen

De online groepslessen vinden plaats op vrijdagen van 10:00-12:30 uur (Nederlandse tijd)

17 september
1 oktober
15 oktober
5 november
19 november

Bij aanmelding voor beide basiscursussen in één keer, krijg je €55 korting op het totaalbedrag.
Deze cursus is vol. Nieuwe data worden gepland voor 2022. Je kunt vast mailen wanneer je interesse hebt in deze cursus.

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Video learning at your own pace

Get started right away. Here's how it works:

Students who enroll in the Learn at Your Own Pace Program will receive extensive written class material, audio meditations, and video's for the classes. Watch the video, perform the exercises and work on the assignments on your own time.
After each class, we correspond personally with you by email:

  • You share the details of your experiences, your questions, and comments.

  • You proceed with subsequent classes in the same manner until the training module is complete.

You work at your own timing according to the pace that best fits your ability to integrate the learning from each class:

Average Time Frame for completing Module 1 and 2: The Fundamentals is 12 months.

Average Time Frame for completing Module 2: Intermediate& Do-In Teacher Training is 12 months.

Average Time Frame for completing Module 3: Advanced Do-In: the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, Diagnostics, Coaching is 12 months.

Do-In Study Costs

A course at Do-In Academy costs € 1245 in 2021. We divide this amount into two parts: a deposit of € 295 upon registration and the remaining course fee of € 950 in the month that the course starts. If you have registered, we will arrange an intake interview (Zoom) so that we can get to know you. This also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions.

Basic Courses

Do-In Basic courses: € 650 per course.
When you register for both courses at once, you will receive a € 55 discount on the total amount.

Repeat a course

If you like to attend a course for the second time, you will receive a discount and pay €595. For the basic courses, you'll pay € 297.50 the second time (per course).

After the intake interview, we will send you the invoice for the payment. This allows you to reserve your place in the course. During the first month of the training, you will receive the invoice for the remaining part of the training.

Pay in installments
When you indicate that you want to pay the remaining course fee in 2 installments, you pay € 500 in the month of the first day of class and € 500 halfway through the course.

Missed a class?
If you miss a class, you can catch up by watching the recording.

"Thanks for all the inspiration, Do-In Academy has enriched my life on many fronts!
You really are the nicest teacher I've ever had."

Catalijne Baerveldt, Yoga Studio Inner Strength