Do-In Courses

Fundamentals: Do-In Basics

The Fundamentals Course is divided into two parts, each consisting of five lessons.
These two courses can be taken separately. You choose the order in which you'd like to follow them.

Thanks to the lessons you will experience more energy, insight, and energy balance and learn how to apply the wisdom from Eastern medicine in your daily life. You will learn exercises, become familiar with the Five Elements, Chinese Organ Clock, energetic lifestyle, and nutrition. During your training, you will be coached by Lilian Kluivers to ensure your personal growth.

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Intermediate & Do-In Teacher Training

In the Intermediate & Do-In Teacher Training, we will explore the Do-In Basics on a deeper level. You will also learn to compile and teach Do-In lessons yourself. You'll send your lessons to your teacher for further feedback. You will have regular contact with your teacher between the lessons. After finishing this course you will be able to pass Do-In in a powerful, accessible way.

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Advanced Do-In: Eight Extraordinary Vessels, Diagnostics, Coaching

This course focuses on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, also known as Qi Jing Ba Mai or Eight Extras. These 8 channels break old patterns and bring you into contact with your Tao, your destiny. You also learn oriental diagnostics. You'll experience this healing for yourself and will be able to provide this for others after completing this course.

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Do-In Class Material

The basic book for level 1 is Do-In, Tao yoga for health and energy. You will also receive extensive files with in-depth material and Do-In series for each level. Besides, you will receive video links and audio files from the Do-In series that we handle.

The class material for each course consists of a combination of an extensive workbook, audio lessons (such as meditations) and Do-In exercises and acupressure on video. During the live group lessons, we go through theory and do Do-In exercises together.

Contact your teacher
Between the online group lessons, you'll exchange with other students to support each other's development. Besides, you report your experiences to your teacher, Lilian Kluivers. Lilian gives you feedback on your experiences, coaches you in teaching and supports you in your personal growth.