Enroll in Level 2

If you have followed a course in Eastern medicine, you may be able to join the Intermediate Course or follow only one of the Fundamental Courses

Conditions are:

  • You know the course and functioning of the meridians
  • You know the location of the tsubos
  • You practice Do-In regularly
  • You purchase the teaching materials for both the Fundamentals Courses at a reduced rate (€295) and thoroughly study this before the start of the Intermediate Course.
  • To prevent abuse of this allowance: when you deregister for year 2 after receiving the course material of year 1, you'll pay for the entire course fee for year 1.

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Inspiration for Experienced Teachers

Experienced teachers in Do-In, Qi Gong or yoga learn a lot from the second year at Do-In Academy.

They let us know:

  • "I am even more aware of the class structure, which helps me to give better lessons."
  • "I connect with my students on a deeper level."
  • "I know much better how I can help students to deepen their postures, or offer alternative options in case of injuries."

"I am pleased that, even though I did not know whether I wanted to become a teacher, I followed the second year. It has brought me so much and the great thing is that everything you learn is so widely applicable. Nowadays, if the children are not feeling well, they ask if I have 'a point' (acupressure point), for example. Very valuable!"


Examination Intermediate & Do-In Teacher Training Course

The assignments of each module prepare you for the exam. You also gradually build up your portfolio thanks to the assignments. You receive feedback during the year on lessons you give.

You complete Level 2 with:

  • A written exam
  • A short lesson or presentation on video
  • A portfolio

The portfolio

The portfolio consists of:

  • A personal report about your development during Level 2
  • Lesson plans and evaluations of at least 20 Do-In lessons
  • A description of your style as a teacher, coach or therapist
  • An article

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