Zen Do-In: from Yang to Yin

Zen Do-In starts 'Yang' with exercises that follow each other rapidly. The series of stretching that follows, is performed very quiet and 'Yin'. This combination clears obstructions in the energy flow. A special feature of this series is that it is performed counting in Japanese. In the course material with this module you learn to count in Japanese

This module contains:

A digital workbook of 24 pages with

  • Explanation
  • Backgrounds
  • Analyzes of the exercises
  • Tips for adjustments with restrictions
  • Illustrations
  • A video link to this series
  • Video links to similar series
  • A special new experience in Do-In

Order Zen Do-In: info@doinacademy.com

I am extremely enthusiastic about the Digital Masterclass Zen Do-In. Wonderful to experience and it feels good!

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