Do-In Levels

Level 1: Do-In Basics

Experience more energy, insight and balance and learn how to apply the wisdom of Eastern medicine in your daily life.
You'll learn Do-In exercises, but also become familiar with the Five Elements Nutrition. You also gain insight into the lifestyle that supports the energy balance through your new insights into the Five Elements and the Chinese Organ Clock.

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Level 2: In depth Do-In and Teaching

In the second year, we will explore the Do-In Basics to a deeper level by foccusing on old Do-In series, the meridians and their innner pathways. In addition, you will learn how to design Do-In sequences and teach Do-In lessons yourself. After finishing Do-In Level 2 you are able to pass on Do-In in a powerful, accessible way.

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Level 3: Curious Vessels and Diagnostics

This level focusses on the Curious Vessels, also known as Qi Jing Ba Mai or Wonder meridians. These 8 channels have a very spiritual character. They break old patterns and bring you into contact with your Tao, your destiny. You also learn oriental diagnostics. After completing this year you can use Do-In for healing on a deep level and give private lessons.

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Do-In Class Material

The basic book for level 1 is Do-In, Tao yoga for health and energy. You will also receive extensive files with in-depth material and Do-In series for each level. Besides, you will receive video links and audio files from the Do-In series that we handle.

Moreover, for each level we have a list of recommended books available. These books are not required to buy, but give enthusiastic students a guideline within the extensive range of books on Chinese Medicine.

One level consists of 9 modules and an exame. For each module you will receive new files with in-depth material, Do-In exercises and a video link.

Do-In Study Costs

The costs for each level is €1075 (payment preferably made at once). If you prefer to pay in two terms installments you will pay €550 twice. The prices include intake, syllabus, appointments with the instructor and examination.